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Yvon S.

Documentary & Street Photographer | Developer at 75codes.com – Based in Paris, France. Read more here… Bio.

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Short Bio:

A Paris-based street photographer,

I was born in Africa and grew up in Lebanon. Photography for me is a form of self-therapy, the means by which I escape the stresses of everyday life and express myself.

I spend countless hours out in the world, looking at people and landscapes through a lens and capturing what I see, my perspective unique and sometimes jarring.

My work combines contemporary reportage styles with a deep sense of intimacy, and I find in each moment something to cherish, from the way light moves to the faces that I notice.

I cite as some of my greatest influences Henry Cartier-Bresson, Vivian Maier, and Mark Cohen. I use colors sparingly in my photography, preferring to keep my images black and white.

I travel far and wide, taking in the world one place and one person at a time. Wherever I go, my camera in with me, my only lens a 50 Millimeter Prime, from which I took the name for my Instagram account, 50.milli.

I enjoy exploring, wandering busy streets and encountering new cultures.

I see photography as a journey of discovery, both of the self and of one’s surroundings.

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    Documentary & Street | Dev at 75codes.com

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